Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore

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Jeeto Pakistan is known as the biggest game show of Pakistan. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore. The Jeeto Pakistan is hosted by Fahad Mustafa on ARY digital. Fahad Mustafa is a famous actor, and Fahad Mustafa hosted this game show in such an excellent way that it’s attract the audience present in the studio as well as it also attract the people who are watching this show from their home.Ary jeeto pakistan head office number  lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

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Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.

Fahad Mustafa get fame after this show. Day by day the ranking of Jeeto Pakistan is increasing .This show is popular all over the world. All aged people like this show. Jeeto Pakistan is full of excitement and enjoyments. Audience wins different types of prizes. Many people also win a prize through live call. In short we can say that the people of all crowds will win the prizes. Jeeto pakistan is the most popular game show of Pakistan. This show is popular because of its energetic host Fahad Mustafa. In this show the fun never stops.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore On different TV channel at a prime time. There are many shows are aired by among all ARY digital is number one.  The head office of this show is in Lahore. In short period of time this show attracts the attention of audience. The ranking of show is high just because of its talented host Fahad Mustafa.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore

Launched Date:
On 18 may 2014 this show was launched on ARY digital and on Friday and Sunday this shows was airs at 07:30 pm.This show is airs live from its studio in Karachi.  Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 

Ary Digital Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number

Purpose of Jeeto Pakistan Game Show:
The main purpose of this show is to entertain the people of all group of age which includes men, women, children and old aged people. This show provides entertain to audience in light criticism and creating suspense among the viewer of this show.
Opportunity for students:
This show provides opportunity to the student of Pakistan to win the laptop that help in their studies
Many of the students cannot afford their own transport for those students who face transport issue they also get bike that solve their transport issues.
On Aired:
Jeeto Pakistan is aired every Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm at ARY Digital channel.
Participants of Jeeto Pakistan:
From a studio audience of Jeeto Pakistan show the participants are selected randomly. There are no fix criteria for the selection of participants.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Segments Of Jeeto Pakistan

There are many segments in Jeeto Pakistan.

  • Jeet Ke Dikhao
  • Dil Waly Inam Ley jaen gy
  • Handi Charhao Inam Pao
  • Abi To Main Jawan Hu
  • Celebrity Guest
  • Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao
  • Khul Gai Qismat
  • Fakhry Pakistan
  • Nanny Usatd
  • Baat Banti Hai
  • Sahulat Bazar

Bigul bajao inam pao:
Different types of gifts are handout by the host Fahad Mustafa. This is a question and answer segment .the Fahad ask question from live audience.
Jeet ke dikao:
In this segment there are different series of games perform by the audience with one goal to come out on the top.
Dil Walay Inam Ley jaen gy :
It is a competition between newlywed couple. The couples will compete against each other and they have to win the competition to get the prize.
Abi To Main Jawan Hoon:
In this game the elder couples will participate. From the audience the elder couple will be selected and they will get the prize if they will prove that their love is still strong in this age.
Celebrity Guest:
On stage the celebrity will join Fahad Mustafa. The guest interacts with the audience and makes the show more interesting

Khul Gai Qismat:

In this segment Fahad Mustafa will ask the entire audience for various random items which they may have on their person.

The Best Game Show Of Jeeto Pakistan Head Ofice Number Lahore

The host creates suspense among the participants and audiences Fahad Mustafa presented different boxes with gold in them. One box has 3 tola gold other box has 20 tola gold other box may have 50 tola gold.

Sahulat Bazar
For Sahulat Bazar, special vouchers each worth a different amount will distributed by the host Fahad Mustafa in this segment. The cards will be given to randomly selected audience members, as well as viewers who call-in, via lucky draw.

List of Prize in Jeeto Pakistan

The participants will be awarded with prize after achieving a set of challenges .The host of the show Fahad Mustafa give different kind of task and the participants perform that task in return they will be awarded with a different types of prize. The type of prize depend on the type of task please winners to jeeto pakistan number

Procedure for Getting the Passes of Jeeto Pakistan:

By online registration At official website of ARY digital Candidates can get Passes of Jeeto Pakistan
You have to provide complete information which is asked At new page of your browser .

Rules and Regulations for the Jeeto Pakistan game show:

Management of Jeeto  reserves all rights of entrance.
Jeeto Pakistan Management can cancel the entrance in the show without any notification.Pakistan
Entrance in the Jeeto Pakistan show is possible only with family members.
Incomplete information will cause disqualification.

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